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The Importance of Advertising for a Company

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Advertising is a form of company communication that is controlled by the manufacturer to communicate with customers. At this time, advertising is indeed an important communication tool for producers or companies to be able to introduce their products so that they can be known by the public.

Why Advertising is very important for a company? Because it can help your business grow and you can get customer quickly. There are some function and purpose of the ad. What are they? Let's go.

Giving information. Advertising is used by producers or companies to provide information to the public about company products. Information that can be used to explain, ability, method of work, excellence, quality, and product prices. Information about products is needed for new products marketed. This is sorted so that consumers know that there are new products. Of course this can also be helpful for producers or companies in building product images.

Can persuade people. This form of advertising is to persuade the public to make purchases of the company's product or brand and then make a repeat purchase. The goal is to create demand for the product or brand. This is certainly important for products during competition. By trying to convince the superiority of the product or company brand to competitor products and is expected to change people's perceptions of the company's product or brand so as to persuade the public to immediately make purchases and persuade competitors to move to the company's brand.

To remind us. Advertising aims to remind people of the company's products or brands. When people need certain products or brands, they will remember the company's products or brands to meet their needs now and in the future. This advertising is very useful for products that are at the maturity stage. In addition, this form of advertising also strives to give consumers confidence that the choice is right.

Provide added value. Effective advertising can add value to certain products or brands so that the product or brand can be perceived as more luxurious, more modern, more flexible, more stylish and more prestigious. So that the overall product can meet the desires and needs of consumers when compared with competing products.

Can support other promotional businesses. Advertising can also be used to help improve product communication in the form of sales promotion and help product marketing in the form of other promotional communications. From the description of the functions and benefits of advertising in general, it can be seen that advertising has a very important role for a company in marketing its new products so that they can be known by the public. By using advertising media, providing information to the public can be more effective and with relatively inexpensive costs.

The ultimate goal of advertising is to create a mega brand. It is important for producers to maintain and improve the quality of their products and continue to innovate by continuing to create products that are in line with consumer expectations. This can also be done by making the appearance of products as unique as possible. This way, it becomes a characteristic of the product and will always be remembered by the stakeholders



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