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Importance of Brand Identity and Style

Every company needs to stand out against the competition to make it to the top. Playing it safe with a certain style will not get you anywhere unless you happen to have reached success with that look you’re going for. Why is it though? And how can you make yourself look different?


To put it simply - no one will want to view your products and facilities if you go for a safe look that has proven to work - yet is getting old. One great way to prove this is on movie posters - look at the picture at the bottom.

This is the poster for Spiderman: No Way Home. Sure, might be a great movie, but ever since 2008 Marvel has dedicated their art to making generic posters with floating heads, mixed colors and mashing everything in the front for the sake of having a lot of promise in the movie. People have agreed across the internet that Marvel’s poster game needs a major re-evaluation.

But guess what? Marvel themselves have made a better poster that stands out better and has its own identity - Look at the promotional poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

See the difference?

The Spiderman poster has too many faces mashed in the middle, mixing colors, and an overall mess everywhere, meanwhile the Captain America poster has its own color palette, arranges face shots of its casts properly (with the spacing and all) and one look at the poster gives you a clear description of what the movie is about; apart from superheroes, it has a tactical, espionage spy vibe to it.

What does this have to do with normal brands having their own identities? Simple; If you don’t have style, you will get grouped on other brands that look the same at first glance, and if you don’t stand out then people are less likely to take a look at your stuff.

Here’s another example. Take a look at the car company logos down below and see if you could find one that stands out apart from the “shiny, 3D sign or very minimalist logo”.

Now look at the Tesla logo.

What’s the difference?

Tesla’s logo is minimal in its own style; the logo and font display a futuristic vibe, a testament to what kind of cars they make, advanced, boundary breaking vehicles that are leagues ahead of everyone else.

It’s not even that hard to think about; if you want to stand out better, then peek at the competition and see what kind of designs and styles they’re going for. Then go exactly the opposite direction and make something different (in a way that stays relevant to your brand identity). Once you figure that out - you will stand out against the competition and earn more customers!


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