GESTURING NOTATIONS (Catatan Tanpa Selesai)

Mother Courage walks in the middle of the war. Sampek - Engtay love story in Pandeglang, West Java. Nano & Teater Koma is the voice of the nation. 

Nano Riantiarno & Teater Koma. The journey, reflection of realities, our conscience.

On going, never coming to an end, writing its own notations, gesturing notations.

Gesturing Notations, an art movie reflecting Nano's pondering and his theater troupe.

Since 1977, 44 years and beyond.

Gesturing Notations, part of George Arif's trilogy, sharing rare footage never before seen anywhere.

Nano & his childhood home, letters from Teguh Karya & Tuti Indra Malaon, about Nano's father: the honest station headmaster.


Gesturing Notations, 8 years in the making, world premiere 12 February 2021, only in Bioskop Online.

watch the movie here:

writer/director: George Arif

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