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Jl. Kramat 6 no. 23, Jakarta 10430

Banjar Gelumpang, Gianyar,
Bali 80582
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Very good result.

Resulted good for our communication & marketing tool.

Thank you very very much for working with me,

it was a pleasure having you as such a great collaborator for all the projects we have worked on during all these years. Thank you very much for your cooperation, assistance and patience, and good luck to Spin and all the projects you embark on!

I would highly recommend Spin Productions for any international crew coming into Indonesia who needs an excellent, and efficient on the ground production team.

Spin was invaluable, professional and a pleasure to deal with in both

the pre-production and while shooting. The company handled every situation with ease, provided great solutions and made the project a successful one.

I have worked with

Spin Productions on a complex project requiring only a core team and

long prep and I must say

if you need anything done in Indonesia, Spin will be a gem to be with.

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