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How to create a good video content?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The development of cyberspace today is very fast. Technological factors and the growth of the Internet has made social networking so massive. Social media as one of the impact of wriggling the online world is now also a phenomenon of its own.

As a phenomenon, this social media also has been able to change some of the life trends in the community. As in marketing or selling products, now in addition to writing, some businesses are beginning to bloom using video as a method to attract consumers. To create a video that is able to attract consumers, there are some things that must be considered by businesspeople. What is it?

The first thing to note is that the videos that are created must be relevant and have value. Relevant videos or in line with issues that are being talked about in the community will have a great chance to become viral, which is why many customers are attracted quickly.

Next, videos that are able to interact with the audience are more likely to attract interest.

With the interaction we provide, it is expected that the audience will provide feedback. This feedback can be like giving a comment, or sharing it to other social media. We must also be able to make videos that everyone can understand. When the person sees your video, they will remember it and understand the message we convey in the video. This can open up opportunities to get customers.

If you want to create a good video content, you can tuck an interesting story into it. According to a research, a story is very powerful to influence the audience. Especially if you can make a very interesting story on the video ad. When an advertiser can insert a compelling story in a video, the viewer will watch the video of the ad by itself, even though the length of the video is long enough.

That is the tips to create a good video content, you can try it to make your video better and this can be a strategy for you a businessman to attract more customers.


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