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Fun Experience at the Basic Film Making Workshop

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Sharpening skills can be done in various ways, one of them is by attending a

workshop. On 4 - 5 August 2018, Spin Production held a Basic Film Making

Workshop at the Go Food Festival in Pasaraya Blok M, South Jakarta.

The workshop that discussed the basics of making this film presented George Arif

and Dimas Prasetya as speakers. In this workshop participants with a total of 20

people were divided into 2 groups.

At the beginning of the event on the first day, the participants were given 'provision'

of material about what was a film, the process and stages of production, as well as

camera operating techniques. At this stage participants shared their experiences and knowledge about the world of film. After learning the basics of making films, each group must make a work with a maximum duration of 3 minutes. Participants are free to choose the theme and genre of the film they will make.

The first step is to write a script. Participants discuss concepts and stories together,

this can increase the creativity and imagination of the participants. After the script

has finished, they starts to taking the video what is commonly called shooting. They

applied the shooting techniques that had been learned before, and they also tried

new angles that might not have been used before. The shooting process lasts until

late afternoon, then will proceed to the editing stage on the next day.

On the second day, the results of the images taken by each group are ready to be

edited. The speaker provides basic editing tutorials and directs the participants not to be difficult. During the editing process there is often a dispute, both in groups and

with other groups. But that is a natural thing because this also often happens in real

film production. Actually things experienced during the workshop also often occur

during production, even in actual production something bigger often happens. You

could say this workshop is an initial simulation in film production.

At the end of the event each group presented the work that was made, the work was watched together and there was a question and answer session. This can train

participants' confidence to appear in public. To make a film, of course, requires good teamwork, the cooperation of the participants that made them succeed through all the difficulties. With this workshop it can also unite participants even though they are of different ages, different things they like, and different skills.



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