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Differently Able, yes we are!

April 2nd is a special day for the world as we celebrate World Autism Awareness Day. This day is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding about autism and ensuring that every person with autism has equal access to education, employment, and society.

Autism is a developmental condition that affects how individuals interact with their environment. It can impact social skills, communication, and behavior. Many individuals with autism have remarkable abilities in specific fields such as mathematics, music, or computers.

Although there are still many misconceptions about autism, increasing awareness and education will help society to better understand and accept individuals with autism. It will also help ensure that they have equal access to the educational and health services they need to grow and develop.

To celebrate World Autism Awareness Day this year, many events and activities will be held worldwide to raise awareness and understanding about autism. Some of these include social media campaigns, introductory events, and educational workshops.

We can all contribute to promoting awareness and understanding about autism. This can be done by talking to people who understand autism, reading books or informational resources about autism, or attending events and activities held to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day.

This way, we can ensure that every person in the autism spectrum has equal access to opportunities and services they need to grow and develop.

Let us come together to understand, because our friends in the autism spectrum are not disabled people, they are difable, which means differently able. They have different ability, in different aspect of life, they are able to do things that we may not be able to do. Like everyone is different in their aspect of life, so we respect each other as fellow human. Because respect and love are the positive delights of our humanity.

Watch our upcoming movie, Joshua Tree, an USA – Singapore - Indonesia co production. The movie follows Joshua, a teen in the autism spectrum, who is journeying with his family. Inspired by endearing love, together towards a point of no return: Joshua forever joining our world.

In production for 2 years, another difable-themed movie by George Arif. Right now the movie is in film festival submission rounds. Will be premiering soon in Jakarta, Indonesia.

More info about the movie:


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